July 11, 2011

TopGear brings a Camaro back to life!

Topgear is blamed for all the evil in the world, and not known for creating things. To date, the boys (some say they have horns and a tail) are blamed for melting of Antartica, food crisis in Africa and even the Volcanic explosion in Iceland. But now, in a very weird sort of a way, the boys have inspired something creative.

Everyone’s favorite Autobot, Bumblebee has been re-created by a lot of artists in the recent past. But now, the guys at Robosteel have created a life-sized replica of BumbleBee out of recycled Camaro parts. Standing over 2.2 meters, the replica is really one of the finest one we have seen till date. Interestingly, this idea was actually conceived at the Topgear MPH show way back in 2009. There are also plans of making a full size replica of Megatron so that Bumblebee can fight with someone.

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