August 9, 2010

10 Models Of The World’s Largest Bulldozer

#10. Promtractor CHETRA HEAVY 40Ya Bulldozer

This model uses a YaMZ-E856 diesel engine, fuel tank capacity of 1200 liters, forward / back are three quick, each side asked sprocket track link 2, 6 rollers.

Promtractor CHETRA HEAVY 40Ya  Bulldozer

CHETRA HEAVY 40Ya Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 434kW (590 hp) / 2100rpm
* Working weight: 68.5 tons

#9. Fiat-Allis FD50 Bulldozer

After the Italian joint venture in 1974, Fiat-Allis 41B Dozer launched later in 1982, improved to FD50, FD50 equipped with a Cummins VT28-C engine, due to market reasons, Fiat-Allis FD50 in 1989 and stopped production.

Fiat-Allis FD50  Bulldozer

FD50 Main technical data:
* Maximum Power: 600 hp
* Working Weight: 80 tons

#8. KOMATSU D375A-6 Bulldozer

D375A-6 using a displacement of 23 liters of KOMATSU SAA6D170E-3 engine, fuel tank 1200 liters, maximum speed 15.8 km / h.

KOMATSU D375A-6  Bulldozer

D375A-6 Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 474kW (645 hp) / 1800rpm
* Working Weight: 72 tons

#7. CATERPILLAR D10T Bulldozer

D10 in 1978, was the world’s largest bulldozer, followed by the development of the N, R, and the current T-type, D10T 12-cylinder engine for the Cat C27 ACERT.


D10T Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 493kW (671 hp) / 1800rpm
* Working Weight: 66 tons

#6. Promtractor T-50.01 Bulldozer

Russia’s products, this model first appeared around the late 80s, T-50.01 using U.S. Cummins engine, forward / back are 3 speed, track width 740 mm, 5.9 meters wide can be installed U-shaped blade .

Promtractor T-50.01  Bulldozer

T-50.01 Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 552kW (751 hp) / 1800rpm
* Working weight: 93.5 tons

#6. ChTZ T-800 Bulldozer

T-800 from Russia’s Qieliyabin Minsk tractor plant production, hydraulic – mechanical transmission, equipped with Tube Motor production of 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine — 6DM-21T, with four forward gears and 2 reverse, main application purpose of the soil to freeze a large number of serious mining and other industries moving materials, this model produced a total of only 8 units, and use the results due to technical reasons was not good.

ChTZ T-800  Bulldozer

T-800 Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 603kW (820 hp) / 1500rpm
* Working weight: 106 tons

#4. KOMATSU D475A-5SD Bulldozer

The latest version of D475A-5SD using KOMATSU SAA12V140E-3 12-cylinder engine, fuel tank capacity 1670 liters.

KOMATSU D475A-5SD  Bulldozer

D475A-5SD Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 671kW (913 hp) / 2000rpm
* Working weight: 113 tons

#3. CATERPILLAR D11T CD Bulldozer

CAT D11 series is the largest bulldozers, and now production is T-type, using the displacement 32L of the Cat C32 ACERT diesel engine, fuel tank capacity of 1609 liters, forward (3-speed) 0-7.3km / h, back (3-speed) 0 – 8.7km / h.


D11T CD Technical Data:
* Maximum power: 698kW (950 hp) / 1800rpm
* Working weight: 113 tons

#2. KOMATSU D575A-3SD Bulldozer

This is the world’s largest bulldozer in the middle, it uses the engine is Komatsu’s SA12V170E (12-cylinder turbocharged) diesel engine, displacement 46.3 l, fuel tank capacity of 2100 liters, with three forward and three reverse speeds, the machine length of 11.72 meters.

KOMATSU D575A-3SD Bulldozer

D575A-3SD Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 858kW (1167 hp) / 1800rpm
* Working weight: 153 tons

#1. ACCO Bulldozer

This is by far the world’s largest bulldozer. Italy ACCO companies contracted by a large earthwork and specially designed and manufactured the machine, test machine in 1983, success in Italy, unfortunately for some reason does not enter the construction site at the time, was also never found a suitable occasion to use , has been idle in warehouses in Italy. The use of a large number of U.S. earth-moving bulldozers CAT technology, including CAT gearbox, two high-horsepower V8 engine and CAT’s unique “high drive” technology.

ACCO Bulldozer

ACCO Main technical data:
* Maximum power: 956kW (1301 hp)
* Working weight: 183 tons

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