July 7, 2011

Funny Kitchen Gadget and Tools Pictures

Whether they were received as a wedding gift or purchased after viewing a rather convincing infomercial, we’ve got a pretty wild collection of gadgets designed to help us in the kitchen. Of course, there are always new innovations hitting the shelves, so WD set out to discover some of the more frivolous inventions on the market—some unbelievably expensive, others just plain silly. From a battery-operated fork that twirls pasta for you to an apparatus that reshapes boiled eggs into squares, check out some of the craziest culinary contraptions available.

1.Knife Holderknife holder

2.Egg Separatoregg_separator

3.Sharky: Tea-Infuser

4.High Tech Pizza CuttersTech Pizza Cutters

5.Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors

6.Hilary Clinton NutcrackerHilary Clinton Nutcracker

7.Bill Clinton Corkscrew

Bill Clinton Corkscrew

8.Star Wars Toaster


9.Monkey for Peeler Potatoescheap-kitchen-gadgets

10.Twirling Spaghetti Forkwirling-spaghetti-fork

11.Apple Peeler


12.Perfect Soldierstoast-stamp

13.Automatic Paper Towel Holderitouchless-towel-matic

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