July 30, 2011

Alligator Motorcycle

Alligator leather is for sissies, because why skin a dead animal when you can ride on a carcass and get to be macho. Also, sitting atop an alligator is a man’s thing, and it is a chick magnet .This one of a kind motorcycle was built by Benny Ohrman. The 10-feet alligator’s hide had to be soaked in Ohrman’s swimming pool before he could mold it into the reptilian bike. Alligator-Bike-croc_bike_01 Alligator-Bike-croc_bike_02 Alligator-Bike-croc_bike_03 Alligator-Bike-croc_bike_04 Alligator-Bike-croc_bike_05

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