June 9, 2011

15 Awesome USB Devices and Gadgets

USB is a serial bus standard that connects devices to a host computer. USB was designed to allow many peripherals to be connected using a single standardized interface socket. Now lets look at some awesome USB gadgets and devices!

1. USB with Bike Lock


If you can’t sleep at night without knowing that those vacation photos you have stored on your thumb drive are absolutely, positively secure, this 007 USB Flash Drive is for you. Combining the digital security of encryption with the decidedly analogue security of a bike lock, the 007 keeps your data doubly safe.

2. USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher


- Can connect (and simultaneously control) an almost unlimited number of missile launchers
- Can pivot 180 degrees horizontally, and 45 degrees up
- Just point the red laser dot at your target and slowly squeeze your mouse trigger finger

3. The Lighter and USB Drive

What could be cooler than hiding all your data inside a real working lighter? This well-constructed flip-top lighter is refillable and has a stylish and iconic design branded embossed on the side of the casing making it an immediate talking point for anybody who happens to see it.

And with the port for the cavernous 8GB of flash memory being hidden discretely away at the base of the lighter, you can guarantee that your data is safe and retrievable regardless of the number of times the lighter is dropped.

4. USB Digital Microscope


- Magnification 10x and 200x
- 4 Built-in LEDs for illumination
- Manual Focus from 10mm ~ Infinity

5. USB Beverage Chiller


This USB Beverage chillier is the only way to keep a drink cold while you’re at your computer on a hot summer’s day.

6. Best Travel Mug Ever


This cup can use the power from one of the USB ports on your computer to keep the liquid warm. It also has a 12V car adapter to keep beverages warm in the car. This Electronic USB Travel Mug fits most drink holders. The mug holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage or Soup etc. and keeps your beverages the perfect temperature on the go. Take it anywhere you go and your contents are safe because this mug has a convenient spill-proof lid. Rubberized handle makes for a comfortable hold. Works with both PC and Macintosh computers and is USB ready.

7. USB Microwave


The BrainWave is a desktop microwave that will come in handy for workaholics and bookworms, who can’t seem to tear themselves away from their computer screens. The appliance works with the C8 port connected to the mains and is controlled through a computer application connected via USB. A RFID-tagged plastic spoon comes along with specially packaged meals and scanning the tag transmits the meal info to the microwave.

8. iPad USB Typewriter


These typewriters which date back to 1714 when Henry Mill obtained the first patent in Britain, is already in a way considered ancient. But Jack Zylkin, developed a project at Philadelphia where you can rev up your typewriting experience. You can connect your PC, Mac or iPad via a USB dock to this typewriter.
If you have money and a serious case of nostalgic yearning, you can buy a completely finished typewriter keyboard for upwards of $500 .

9. USB Flower pot speakerflower_speaker

Take a look at this nice little flower. Wouldn’t it be funny to have one of those plugged into your computer? It’s actually a speaker, and it comes from the same manufacturer as the USB heating gloves and the heated slippers…The guys over at Thanko.jp sure has an eye for usable USB devices. Hehe. It’s so totally crazy that it becomes awesome.

10. USB heating gloves

Do you often feel the need to heat up your hands while sitting in front of your computer? Wow. This is a VERY useful product. Hehe. Especially since the USB cable is 1.5 metres long. I guess there can be a lot of Kodak golden moments when people forget they are wearing their ‘heating gloves’ and gets up in a hurry to answer the phone or open the door – and crashing their laptop to the ground. Don’t forget to wear these gloves together with the heated slippers…

11. USB Vacuum


- 8 inches tall with a 45 inch reach
- Fully-functional with maximum sucktitude

12. The iSaw – USB Powered Chainsawusb-chainsaw

- Safety activation button
- Protective guard
- Rubber grip handles

13. USB Bra Warmerbra 

Combining their twin obsessions of technology and lady parts, Japanese inventors have harnessed their talents to come up with these USB breast warmers, which, as you would expect, are at the cutting edge of USB breast-warming mechanization science.

14. The USB vibrator

This isn’t just a USB vibrator. This one includes 5 interchangable latex probes (wow!), has 10 unique preset pulse/vibrate rhythms (yihah!), and features a self adjustable finger ring vibrating bullet (amazing!). Here’s our winner ladies and gentlemen – the Super 10 function USB powered vibrator. Crazy shit.

15. Foreman USB iGrillusb_george_foreman 
Did you know that the former boxer and twice Heavyweight Champion of the world George Foreman were into USB devices? Well, neither did we. But for $99.99 you can get your own USB powered grill standing next to your computer. For whom is this product meant to be? The boxing interested chef who also is a computer geek? I mean why make an item like this USB powered? To get some extra press by appearing on lists like this one? You tell me. Weird is the word. Update – This item is apparently just an april fools joke, so that means that our runner up for the list, placement 11, will be added later today.

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