May 31, 2011

Cardboard Artists and Their Sculptures

Cardboard, as a medium for sculpture, has some very clear advantages and disadvantages. Namely: cardboard is very cheap (free, even, if you are able to get up super-early on garbage day); crafting cardboard into the shapes you want requires less energy and training than doing so with, say, marble; cardboard, raw or sculpted, is very easy to transport; but, it doesn’t last very long, especially in bad weather; it’s also much harder to work with if physiological realism is your goal.sculptures_cardboard_artists_01 sculptures_cardboard_artists_02 sculptures_cardboard_artists_03 sculptures_cardboard_artists_04 sculptures_cardboard_artists_05 sculptures_cardboard_artists_06 sculptures_cardboard_artists_07 cardboard sculpture14 sculptures_cardboard_artists_08 cardboard sculpture10

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