May 4, 2011

Donald Duck's Car in real world

Donald Duck, a cartoon character created by the Walt Disney Company, is today the star of dozens of comic-book and comic-strip stories published each month  around the world.donald_duck_car_in_real_world_04

Donald Duck has so far mesmerized most of us all over the world with his quack voice and funny comments on the television. The car was constructed by Donald Duck himself with the help of various spare parts. The car used to breakdown very often during the series of the cartoon, which used to add to the humor. Hope the real car doesn’t breakdown so soon as that won’t be taken as a humor.The tiny car is painted bright red and is only suited for one person in the front and a couple of small people in the back seat. The wheels are white and there is no roof. Driving around in the Donald Duck car will surely get you attention.

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