February 25, 2011

Ten Motorcycles For Future - Yanko Design

These bikes may not be quite ready to tear up the road as we zoom into the wind, but we wish they would move from concept to reality very soon! As we take a look at concept motorcycles, here are 10 of the most bad-ass
#1 A Quad for an Electric Future


I don’t normally think of Quads as appropriate vehicles for the tree hugger but the post fossil fuel revolution is upon us and with that, everything has to change. The QUAD is one such concept that brings recreational vehicles into the electric future. A 48v electric motor powered by 4 750amp batteries provide this vehicle 3 hours of juice between charges which only takes 6-8 hours depending on your voltage.

#2 Three Wheelie Urban Pleasure

The commute of the future is more like a three-wheel thrill ride aptly called ‘Three Wheel Electric Scooter’. The joyride is full of spunk in the looks department with a detachable rechargeable battery pack to the left of the bike, displaying energy levels conspicuously. The magnetic, rubber encased locking cable adds security to the parking system. Moreover the two small front wheels guarantee equilibrium and a glorious ride.

#3 Speed Demon Powered by Biofuel

As the world moves away from petrol, we have to envisage what the effects will be across all motor vehicles. This concept sport Modenas bike uses biofuel, specifically palm oil to burn pavement. The design is inspired by cenderawasih, a type of bird of paradise. The resulting shape is aggressive yet fluid. It’s not my cup of tea but I know many rocket heads that would love to take this to the tracks.

#4 Nude Power Bike in Three Colors


This bike comes in red, white, or black, like any good motorcycle should. Its description is presented to us as a mostly poetic sort of situation, naming “Style&Skills” as a main point, noting soft lines around a technological core, saying that this motorcycle concept, the Ducati Spite, has two souls. One of the souls is extreme simplicity, they say, and the other, a full detailed concept. Like the black and white of the wheels.

#5 Pretty Little Battery Bike of Wood


Check the heck out this little bike that runs on batteries. Not only is it aesthetically MORE than pleasing, it’s made out of a bunch of wood (and a bit of metal and plastic of course) and runs on tiny batteries you can carry around with you in your pocket! This is the Biona and it’s designed by Jordi Poblet Pedrol, a fellow who wants to replace gasoline entirely in our urban vehicles. This project attempts to give the world a brand new perception of what an electric motorcycle is.

#6 Universally Customizedclip_image001

If you are planning on being an urban crime fighter but still can’t justify the gas guzzling tendencies of most superhero vehicles, well your ride has (conceptually) arrived. Designer Jean Baptiste Robilliard has rendered up this “CUSTOM BIKE CONCEPT” that would make Bruce Wayne’s attorneys take notice. Jean Baptiste describes it as a “two wheel muscle car”, hiding it’s electrical drivetrain and batteries in the frame. Featuring a FORMULA 1 inspired KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM (KERS), that essentially coverts your braking into energy.

#7 Tron Light Cycle v Campbell

lightcycle Iterations and iterations! If there’s one thing a tech and design writer cannot possibly ignore or resist, it’s Tron. With this brand freaking new movie Tron: Legacy out now, the folks at Disney have basically a sure shot as far as the internet crowd goes, and for the most part, everyone riding on the wave has their own shot at fifteen minutes of fame. Here’s a designer taking that opportunity to the max with some alternate Light Cycle designs made for your pleasure!

#8 Electric Motorbikes as Tires

lightweightconceptBehold an electric motor vehicle who indeed does fit the mold of “more than meets the eye.” This is no robot though, it’s a compact urban city car, but what’s more is that its rear wheels transform into bikes. Each of these bikes have only a single tire, functioning on the same system as the Segway! The car with the bikes still integrated has a light weight structure, 2 parallel side panels and a bunch of cross panels making the car like a feather yet totally tough.

#9 A Motorcycle and Sidecar? I’m Sold!

The NEOS is an enclosed motorbike and modular sidecar system for the 21st century. It delivers enhanced safety features far beyond your conventional bike but still encapsulates the pure thrill you get from traditional ones. Ideal for a work commute or a weekend trip up twisty roads, the NEOS remains flexible as the sidecar pod can easily be removed. Using the latest 3-phase AC induction motor and lithium battery tech, the NEOS provides power while being economical and green. Hit the jump for the full list of specs. Catch me if you can.

#10 Imperial Flatboy Motorcycle


Star Wars influence? Inspiration taken from Daniel Simon? Yessir, indeed. This is a motorcycle concept going by the name “Bugatti startos” designed by Bruno Delussu. This name, Bugatti startos, means “Snake Road,” a fabulous name for a rather snake-like automotive. With a body made of fiberglass to make the entire thing light, setting the rider in the same place as a racing bike (lying on the bodywork,) and a cute traditional speedometer.

Via: yankodesign.com

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