February 22, 2011

Aerius Concept Car By Pei-Cheng Patrick Hsieh

Student Designer Mr Pei-Cheng Hsieh of Monash University has come up with a high-performance futuristic eco-friendly vehicle deemed The Aerius Concept, which is specially designed for the year 2025.Aerius Concept Car 01

The F1-influenced car’s rear wheels are powered by Michelin Active in-wheel electric motors and its front is equipped with on-board electric motors for smooth and agile handling.

The zero-emission auto also employs solar panels to charge the carbon nanotube super-capacitors to extend its range. Featuring an aerodynamic design, the eco-conscious Aerius Concept is a true high-performance car of the future.  Aerius Concept Car 03 Aerius Concept Car 04 Aerius Concept Car 05 Aerius Concept Car 06 Aerius Concept Car 07

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