February 7, 2011

Ferrari Enzo Concept Cars By Peter Simon

Take a peek at this lovely sharp sports car with the Ferrari name slapped on it, inspired by the form language of Credo E-Bone, another design by the same designer that’s no less that a city bus. That, and the bones of animals and humans are where this comes from. This designer takes the Italian dynamic and organic, soft shapes that are closest to nature. Inside and out, this vehicle is meant to radiate energy and power.

This is the Ferrari Enzo, a car that never ever stops, but appears to sit in time even as it flies down the highway. The one sentence the designer hopes to let loose as much as possible is “My car has always more power than yours.” Time for crushing of all road opposition! Road warrior!

FerrariEnzo_02 FerrariEnzo_09 FerrariEnzo_07 FerrariEnzo_04 FerrariEnzo_03 FerrariEnzo_06 FerrariEnzo_08 FerrariEnzo_01 FerrariEnzo_05

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