February 8, 2011

Cool Predator Motorcycle

If you saw this crazy Predator Motorcycle in your rear view mirror whilst you were cruising along the highway, you would definitely get out of the way.

The Predator Motorcycle was made by New Jersey custom bike shop Pitstop Motors, for one of their customers, the day the owner picked it up and took it out for a spin, he ended up getting two tickets from the police, because people were holding up traffic looking at it.

cool_predator-bike-01 cool_predator-bike-02 cool_predator-bike-03 cool_predator-bike-04 cool_predator-bike-05 cool_predator-bike-06 cool_predator-bike-07 cool_predator-bike-08 cool_predator-bike-09 cool_predator-bike-10 cool_predator-bike-11 cool_predator-bike-12 cool_predator-bike-13

1 Responses to “Cool Predator Motorcycle”

Anonymous said...
February 9, 2011 at 5:53 PM

wow that's the cooolest bike ever!

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