December 26, 2011

World’s Biggest Ambulance

The three ambulances were developed in different variants. Bus variant A is designed as a mobile intensive unit, variant B for the large-scale treatment and transport of medium to slightly injured patients and variant C as a combination of both. This last variant has enough treatment and transport capacity for more than 80 patients.

The technical equipment can function as a true operating theater, having an ECG, an InSpectra shock monitor (with which the oxygen saturation in tissue-matter can be monitored by simply placing a sensor on the palm) and an internal bleeding detector as well.

Converting the Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses into ambulances took around 700 hours. They are the only large-capacity ambulances to feature roll-in systems for stretchers such as those used by paramedical services, so that patients can be rolled into the vehicle in a prone position.

The buses can also be equipped with a rear-mounted equipment box containing generators, tents for the treatment of more injury victims, decontamination systems with relevant protective suits and an oxygen concentrator.

This system enables oxygen to be produced for several weeks without recourse to gas suppliers. Vehicle safety is ensured by EBS, disc-brakes all-round, ABS and side impact protection.Biggest-Ambulance_01 Biggest-Ambulance_02 Biggest-Ambulance_03 Biggest-Ambulance_04 Biggest-Ambulance_05 Biggest-Ambulance_06

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