December 15, 2011

India’s first Pure Gold Jewelry Car on the way

Tata Nano is the world’s cheapest car. Well, that's nothing new, but the one pictured above isn’t going to be one of many Nanos we all know about. Yes, this Nano will be embellished with jewelry. Dubbed the GoldPlus Nano, it’ll be India’s first Pure Gold Jewelry Car. Created by GoldPlus, the jewelry division of Titan Industries, to celebrate the 5000 years of Indian jewelry, this car will be made at the Hosur manufacturing facility of Titan Industries.Indian-Car-Maker-Tata-Unveils-Gold-plated-Nano_01 Indian-Car-Maker-Tata-Unveils-Gold-plated-Nano_02 Indian-Car-Maker-Tata-Unveils-Gold-plated-Nano_03 Indian-Car-Maker-Tata-Unveils-Gold-plated-Nano_04 Indian-Car-Maker-Tata-Unveils-Gold-plated-Nano_05 Indian-Car-Maker-Tata-Unveils-Gold-plated-Nano_06

The priceless pure jewelry Nano car will be a single unit as a symbol of Titan Industries COO’s precision capabilities and will serve as a memento and not for sale. However, before this car is made, there were 120 odd designs created by internal teams at COO out of which three has been selected for the public vote. Results will be announced by mid-December and the one getting maximum votes will be selected and replicated in real. The real one will be on display by April next year.

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