November 17, 2011

Top 15 Interesting Car Facts

It's always fun to learn interesting facts about cars. This mode of transportation has made commuting easy, convenient, and comfortable for humans. It has also contributed to the economic growth and progress of the country.

Today, many new cars have entered the Indian car market with a host of high-end car technologies and futuristic features. The industry is progressing but still there are certain car trivia that we may not know, some of which have shown a radical direction to the industry.fact_cars


One of the fastest diesel cars was the JCB Dieselmax with about 350 mph. This speed came to be set at 39.23 mph as an electric car on the go.


The airbag removal of 4500 mph has been held within a few seconds of triggering. This force got established through 200 gm within the desired time itself.


The longest track to have been ever used in F1 is Pescara in Italy for a 24.7km and not the Nurburgring which is about 2.7 km shorter.


One of the widest car traveling roads in the world have been the Monumental Axis in Brazil with some of the greater spaces coming over for 160 cars that can drive side by side. This is an incredible way to get access to the greater space for finding great many cars traveling side by side.


For instance there have been a known fact that through the accelerated representative up the 5 gm from the very start. This is all about nitromethane injection producing 6000 BHP.


The Bugatti Veyron even took over one of the greatest top speeds with the high reach of 253 mph all in the short run.


One of the top car models to have been produced in 2007 has been the Mini with a great production unit length of 237,709.


You might be surprised to know this but if you come to think of it, one of the greatest car brands of the world, the Ferrari, sales about only 14 cars per day.


The most amazing SUV market in UK costs about £2.5 billion per year.


The Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion and Seat Ibiza Ecomotive release some very limited CO2. This makes them free of road tax and brings about great environment friendly drive.


It is also interesting to note that among some of the most interesting car facts the Ferrari F40 can be worked through with carbon fibre that gets woven through it. The greater layers of the additional undesirable weight have been coming across to be really important for the Ferrari F40.


One of the most interesting and fast producing cars of the world has been the 257 mph with SSC Ultimate Aero. This has stayed in its popularity for a really long time, to the international market.


The 195 mph with Nissan GT-R has been one of the greatest cars to have been produced by any Japanese carmaking company.


Toyota Corolla has held the record of selling 30 million models before being replaced through Toyota Yaris in 2007. This has been one of the most incredible sales rates in the history of Toyota cars.


One of the greatest land speed record came to be established on December 18, 1898. This also reached a tremendous speed of about 39.23 mph through an electric car.

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