November 1, 2011

25 Interesting Facts about the Mercedes Benz

Do you know much about the Mercedes-Benz? It is a fascinating car. In fact, it’s one of the most celebrated cars in the history of automobiles. Here are 25 interesting facts about this well renowned vehicle.

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A team of 11 workers is supervised by an inspector who keeps a tight vigil on the team. Every minute car job undergoes several checkups and criticism. Numerous separate inspections are undertaken on every single work before getting the final sanction.


One of the best qualities of the Mercedes-Benz cars is that one will not find any kind of rattling of squeaky sound however old the car turns. This is because every car body is welded in 10,000 places. This does not give space for the loosen bolts or nuts.


All Merc cars come with a well tuned suspension system which is enhanced with a fully independent swing axle system. The car manufacturer used the suspension system first in its racing cars. The advantage, of this type of suspension, is that it gives a complete comfort and firm drive despite over speeding or dips on the roads. In simple words the ‘nausea feeling’ that generally people have during long drives is never experienced in Mercedes-Benz cars.


Mercs come with the best of engines fitted in its cars. Instead of ordinary valve actuation treatment of engine, Mercedes- Benz engines come with overhead camshafts (a type of valve train arrangement). This arrangement delivers smooth, silent, and safer engine even at the higher speed.


These superior machines electronically balance every Mercedes-Benz crankshaft. The benefit of it is that even at the higher speed there will be no vibrations in the car. Thanks to this arrangement, Passengers can cruise along in their cars.


The engine undergoes several tests even the engine is incorporated in the car. The engines are checked for any noise, friction with the help of a series of gauges. Engine oil is changed for about 60 times to remove every single dirt particle in the engine during the tests.


Enhanced disc brakes on all four wheels come as a standard feature in every Mercedes Benz Car. As a back up precaution, the front and the rear brakes are individually activated just in case one braking system fails, there always is the second system to take care of the necessary action.


At the time of assembling, the car manufacturer tunes the vital suspension steering and brake parts are manually tuned with the help unique torque wrench-designed especially for the job by Mercedes-Benz experts. This unique device sprays a drop of yellow pain on the parts. This is then inspected by a supervisor who counts the yellow blots to ensure that the work done perfectly.


Four coil springs are used to ensure a perfect and balanced ride quality. Each of the coil springs is created to form a matched set and are tested in four different ways.


Every Mercedes-Benz car steering system has a tiny built-in shock absorber which is developed in house to offer a comfortable ride, cushioning against every bad patch of road the car treads on.


At the time of sealing, the hollow or hidden parts in the car body parts is concealed by zinc dust compound to remove the inroads of condensation and final rust particles.


Even after welding work, many of the car joints are still tightened manually, packed with pewter and finally is polished to give a final touch which does not leave a mark of any clumsy work.


Before the car goes to the paint booth, every car body is dipped in 52-ton primer bath which is an anti corrosion coating and reaches every nook and corner.


Once the primer coating is complete, it is sprayed with 25 pounds of permanent plasticized undercoating (prevents from rusting) under the wheels of every Mercedes-Benz car.


Four coats of paint is sprayed on the cars between every hand polishing. The final salt resistant painting work is done by hand in order to give the car a smooth and glossy touch.


The tyres used in the Mercs are of premium quality which follows the safety laws set by the America. They have proved their worth by carrying a full load of passengers and loads under the specified air pressure even in high speed cruising.


All the three pointer stars comes with a fully-synchronized manual or automatic transmission as standard features. But the high models like 300 and 600 series come with automatic transmission only.


All chromium trim on Mercedes-Benz cars is given two coats of copper and nickel before plating.


Even the smallest of the Merc cars offer spacious interior than a bigger sedans.


One can always get a whiff of fresh air in the car cabin with the help of a unique ventilation system. With the help of scoop mounted on the hood, the system inhales clean and filtered air into the cabin and the stale air are exhausted via ducts at the rear of the cabin.


Seats in every Mercedes- Benz car is well designed in consultation with an orthopedic physicians. These seating provide a complete support to kidney, back and knee-joint areas.


In order to fight back the shake and movements faced during long journeys, the seat springs are connected to the suspension system.


As an optional feature, the car manufacturer also offers four forward speed automatic transmission which can be used as manual gear shift as well as automatic gear shift. This also increases the fuel economy.


The power steering used in the Mercedes- Benz cars uses a servo-booster that offers a better handling. This also allows having a firm grip with the front wheels.


One of the best advantages of Mercedes- Benz cars is that the body styling does not demand for any yearly changes. And this means the car will always remain new even as the ages pass on.

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