November 3, 2011

10 Facts About Android vs. Apple

Android phones are in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone. Some people swear by one and some swear by the other. Many of us are just excited about the innovation that such competition spurs. There are some definite issues that come up with this market competition, though. And there are some interesting facts about the two competing brands.Google_vs_Apple1

Here are 10 facts about the Android vs. Apple competition in the mobile phone marketplace:

1. Apple fans are slightly more loyal to the brand.

More than 90% of iPhone users love the phone enough to recommend it to others. Android fans are also brand-loyal but slightly less so with only about 84% of them recommending the phone to others.

2. Doubletwist is the best option to compete with iTunes.

One of the main reasons that a user might prefer an iPhone to an Android phone is because of its direct access to the extensive iTunes media library. However, you do have options on Android phones as well; Doubletwist is a preferred option for some Android users.

3. Android is a man’s phone.

A recent survey revealed that the majority of Android users are men. Actually, the majority of all smartphone users are men, but in the case of iPhone the difference is slight, 57% are men. With Android 73% are men.

4. Both brands are popular but Android is gaining ground faster.

Recent surveys indicate that approximately 30% of people who plan to buy a smartphone are interested in Android. The amount is almost the same for iPhone which gets about 29%. However, that’s only a 1% increase for Apple and a full 9% increase for Android compared to a survey taken at the end of 2009.

5. New memory storage could entice Apple fans over to Android.

A major Android complaint has been that it doesn’t support memory card storage which limits the ability of developers in creating apps. Rumour has it that this problem is ending soon which could put Android in more direct competition with Apple’s app store.

6. Apple users may be more likely to buy apps.

Surveys indicate that half of all iPhone users will pay for an app each month whereas only about one in five Android users will take advantage of paid apps. This may change as app stores grow and change but that’s unclear at this time.

7. Android outsells Apple in one out of 6 U.S. states.

There are eight states where Android may be a bigger seller but unfortunately they are the lower-population states in this country.

8. Apple’s new OS may push it forward in the market again.

Some of the things that people like best about Android compared to iPhone are going to be offered with the new iPhone OS, potentially allowing Apple to continue dominating the smartphone market. For example, Android phones have been preferred by multi-taskers, however multi-tasking will now be an option on the iPhone.

9. Advertisers are more interested in Android.

U.S. surveys indicate that there are more ad impressions for Android which isn’t surprising since it’s a Google-based phone and they’re stellar with ads.

10. You have many more handset options with Android.

The iPhone is just the iPhone. Android is, of course, a platform which means that many different people are making multiple handsets based on Android. This isn’t necessarily good or bad for either party. On the one hand, you have more choices with Android. On the other hand, you know exactly what you’re getting with Apple.

via: Kathryn Vercillo

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