May 17, 2011

Really Cool Cruising Caskets

From a mortician's point of view, they are big and cumbersome to move around, but people with a scintillatingly morbid sense of humor are finding caskets to be fascinating decorative pieces and unique conversation starters. cool_caskets_0001

It's not just creepy goth people that enjoy this sort of underworld humor, either. if all you have lived for in your life is your love for automobile, maybe you want to leave the world lying in an amazing car as well. Take a look at the coolest caskets for auto nerds.

cool_caskets_0002 cool_caskets_0003 cool_caskets_0004 cool_caskets_0005 cool_caskets_0006 cool_caskets_0007 cool_caskets_0008 cool_caskets_0009 cool_caskets_0010 cool_caskets_0011 cool_caskets_0012

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