April 28, 2011

Picture of Bicycle cargo transportation (China)

The cycling country par excellence in the world - you can find cycles in almost any form in China.But bicycles can also be used for transporting goods. And I don't mean just a little bag on the back of your bicycle. In China, bikes can take anything from a plant to a collection of suitcases, to livestock to a pile of computers. Since Chinese traffic is a clear example of the right of the strongest, the more visible (often, the higher) your load, the more respect you gain. Anyway, looking back for other traffic becomes impossible for these heroes on two or three wheels. bicycle_cargo_transportation_china_01

Bicycle market stallMany bicycles are used as market stalls, carrying all kinds of ware. Extremely convenient, you can always try a new market in a new neighbourhood to see if your products have more chance of being sold. You can stock up whenever you want, and taking your shop from one point to another does not cost more than pedalling a few kilometres. Bicycles provide for truly mobile business!

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