April 26, 2011

Moonstream Space Lounge

The Moonstream was designed to change public perceptions of NASA and entice people to be more interested in future space missions to the moon. It enables true comfort for habitants of the vehicle and also provides an appealing setting for the filming of the astronauts on the first ever trip from the North to South Pole of the moon. The adjustable suspension, inspired by NASA's current 'Athlete' chassis, allows for a wider stance, while the exoskeleton shell protects the main body and a separate cockpit enables the driver to be at constant eye level. The interior features a full-length retractable worktable and removable sleeping hammocks.

NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061401 NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061402 NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061403 NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061404 NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061405 NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061406 NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061407 NASA_moonstream_concept_cars_8061408

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