April 8, 2011

A Bugatti Sedan - Outrageous Luxury

The famous record-breaking Veyron supercar is about to crunch into the hand that feeds them by ending its production. But Bugatti plans on spending their moment building superfluous sedans. This New Bugatti luxury sedan (picture above) is anticipated to debut sometime in 2014, but not much information is acknowledged about the model. Thanks to the German publication, Spiegel, who have some just more informations/details to share.

bugatti – luxury sedan 08

With the Bugatti Veyron’s production coming to an end, the French automaker has revealed plans to now only focus on luxury sedans rather than supercars. This puts a plug in rumors which were circling a few years ago stating a successor for the Veyron was on its way.

bugatti – luxury sedan 01 bugatti – luxury sedan 02 bugatti – luxury sedan 03 bugatti – luxury sedan 04 bugatti – luxury sedan 05 bugatti – luxury sedan 06 bugatti – luxury sedan 07

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