January 10, 2011

Top 11 Apps for Google Nexus S

The world of smartphone is really growing by leaps and bounds and there is no doubt that in few next years we might see completely new set of smartphones being launched in the market which are quite smarter than the smartphones that we used today. Google along with Samsung is now coming up with Google Nexus S which is the next generation smartphone that works on the latest Android platform known as Gingerbread. The smartphone has 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 16 GB of memory to let you do more. However, since it is Android-based phones consumers are looking forward to special apps that will let them do more. Here are top 12 apps for Google Nexus S.

1. Google Voice 0.2.6

Google Voice has really become one of the best apps on various Android based phones and since Google Nexus S has the latest Android platform you can be sure that the same app will be of great use to you. Google Voice 0.2.6 is certainly one of the best apps that you should have on your new Google Nexus S smartphone. You can use your account information and use Google Voice for making several international calls and even send SMS messages to different numbers across the globe. You can use the call function with or without Google Voice depending on your preferences.


2. Pandora Radio 1.1.2

If you love carrying your music with you then radio is the best option because you can always listen to your favorite songs and music numbers and the more number of radio stations the better the chances of getting entertained. With Pandora Radio 1.1.2 you can tap into various radio stations that you can create based on the favorite songs and artists that you like. You can play your favorite songs on the radio through Wi-Fi. Apart from that you can also create your own radio station that lets you listen to which artists, tracks and genre you want to listen to.


3. Weather Channel 2.1.5

Weather can have a great impact on our life because we can really do a lot more if we know the forecast. Imagine if you are going on a date and you get unexpected showers that ruin your entire date excitement and keep you indoors. Well, now with Weather Channel 2.1.5 you never have to worry about anything unexpected because it gives you the right information. The app is designed to give you 36 hours and 10 days forecast. You can even add multiple locations and enjoy live video from the TV channel.


4. TuneWiki 1.3

No matter whoever you are you would certainly enjoy carrying your favorite music tracks with you, don’t you? With TuneWiki 1.3 you are always connected with your favorite music because you can carry them all the time. The media player is cleverly designed and it also shows up the lyrics on your smartphone screen so that you can sing your favorite song along. You can even use the same app to download music from various independent artists or from internet radio.


5. NubiNews Reader 5.9

Do you love to stay informed? Business people who would like to keep notes about what’s happening in the world or in their city would always love to stay updated on the news and there is nothing better than NubiNews Reader 5.9. This app is designed for easy reading and quick browsing of top news across the globe. Hence, you can see that there is top news on the very front screen. If you love CNN then this app is certainly made for you because you can quickly read some of the top stories in summary.


6. TasKiller 3.2.3

If you are addicted to using too many apps at the same time on your new Nexus S and if you want to manage it efficiently then you will need one expert app that can help you manage all your apps together. TasKiller 3.2.3 is certainly one of the best apps that you should have on your new Nexus S because it helps you to have more space on your smartphone by keeping only good apps that you use regularly. It can kill and manage all the apps and unwanted applications that you don’t need as per your preference.


7. Live Scores

This app is certainly made for people who are glued to their favorite sports even when they are at work. The Live Scores 1.4.7 version is one Nexus S app that you should have it if you want to keep track of your favorite sports happening somewhere in the world. The app updates you on the scores and provides you with all the other information that you should know. This application is also known as Sportacular and has been specially designed for various Android based smartphones.


8. ShopSavvy

The name of the application itself tells us what it is meant for. ShopSavvy is certainly made for all those people who love shopping and the app provides them with a scanner that allows users to get the information of the product. Consumers who are using Nexus S can scan the product using the Nexus S camera and the scanner application will quickly give you all the information about that product. The application also keeps a history of all the items that you recently scanned.


9. Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is one of the best Android based phone application and it is certainly there for Nexus S as well. You can point your smartphone towards the sky and you will get the sky map right on your smartphone screen. This is certainly a good application for people who travel to different places and it helps them to navigate from one place to another.


10. GTasks

If you are absent minded or if you would like some kind of reminder for all your things to do or memos then GTasks app is certainly the best for your Nexus S smartphone. The app allows you to sync all your Google tasks and things to do on your Nexus S so that you never forget a thing. You can conveniently change the preferences the way you want it and it will never say no to you. gTasks is certainly one of the favorite Android apps that millions of people already have on their current Android based smartphones.


11. Google Goggles

This app certainly is among the best apps that you will find on Nexus S because it can do a lot more than you can imagine. Google Goggles can provide you instant information about the pictures that you take. For instance, if you are touring in another country and you come across a landmark building you can take a picture of that building and Google Goggles will tell you the name and other information of that building. Similarly you can also translate the text like if you are in Germany and you get a menu that is in German language you can take a picture of the line you want to translate and Google Goggles will do that for you instantly.



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