January 24, 2011

Superbus concept for luxury Car

There has millionaire fairs are destined to fetch all super-luxurious below one roof for the expediency of the deep-pocketed shoppers. The ninth edition of the Millionaire Fair Amsterdam as well saw diamond studded watches, high-end cars, best spirits and high-tech gadgets as well. The professor Wubbo Ockels developed the most expensive product of this fair is the green Superbus Concept.This is 15 meter long eco-friendly manner of transport sports a absolute carbon fiber chassis as well as the cockpit and the back it is carrying a tag of 13 million Euros $17.2 million.


The supplier of the carbon fiber TenCate, reports that it is designed to compete with the cars and the trains by rendering comfortable, point-to-point transport and demand-dependent and thanks to high speed. This is quite a kind of eco-luxe Superbus luxury concept it is really so amazing I am so impressed it has great capacity.The electrically powered Superbus can ferry 23 passengers with relieve and consumes as much energy as driving 250 km per hour as a usual bus at 100 kilometers per hour. Superbus-concept01 Superbus-concept02 Superbus-concept03 Superbus-concept04 Superbus-concept05 Superbus-concept06 Superbus-concept07 Superbus-concept08

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