December 24, 2010

Maniwa Wooden SuperCar

Forget carbon fibre or special metal alloys, this japanese sports car manufactured by sada-kenbi is made from wood. Also known as maniwa, this special car was hand built by wood craftsmen and is actually legal to drive in japan. The car can accelerate up to 80km/h and is for sale at a bargain price of 44,000 USD. It also features a motorcycle-like handlebar steering system, gull wing doors and even has a stereo. It seats one driver up front on a wooden seat and has a wood bench behind for up to two passengers. The designers even made a pedal-power version for kids.

Wooden-Supercar Wooden-Supercar2 Wooden-Supercar3 Wooden-Supercar4 Wooden-Supercar5 Wooden-Supercar6 Wooden-Supercar7

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