November 2, 2010

How Much Famous Rappers They Pay for Insurance Car

While cruising down the road, blaring your Fat Joe or Weezy, do you ever think about the vehicle the famous rapper drives?

Have you ever wondered what it costs to insure those high priced rigs, and sick sports cars that most people only dream of driving? Well, if the thought of that has never crossed your mind, you are in luck, because below you will find research to illustrate what some of the most famous rappers drive, and what they pay in insurance each month on their vehicle.

#1 Fat Joe

VEHICLE: Ferrari 360


Six Month Premium Payment


Yearly Total


Fat Joe gets to drive in style, in this sexy Ferrari 360. Sleek and impressive, this privilege costs him roughly two thousand dollars a year. For that kind of money, the average college kid could buy a clunker car and insure it!

#2 Will.I.Am

VEHICLE: Tesla Roadster


Six Month Premium Payment


Yearly Total


Cruising in a Telsa Roadster, Will.I.Am seems to know exactly where he’s going (probably to the bank, to transfer money for his $2K car insurance!) Though Will.I.Am fits in his mini-car, it’s hard to say where he puts his groceries.

#3 Eminem

VEHICLE: Hummer H2


Six Month Premium Payment


Yearly Total


Eminem having a Hummer isn’t surprising, but what is surprising is how few cars he has. Most rappers fill garages with them, whereas Eminem is loyal to his H2. Seen above spending quality time together, it’s uncertain how long Eminem and Hummer will remain a couple.

#4 Snoop Dogg

VEHICLE: 1969 Buick Rivera


Six Month Premium Payment


Yearly Total


Snoop Dogg has been featured in music videos specifically because the rapper wanted to use his 1969 Buick Rivera. This car, unbelievably, is even more popular than Snoop. This car has also been featured on an MTV episode about pimping cars, hood style.

#5 T.I.

VEHICLE: Dodge Challenger


Six Month Premium Payment


Yearly Total


VEHICLE: Mercedes Benz SI 55 ($120,000)


Six Month Premium Payment


Yearly Total


Whether T.I. rolls in his Dodge Challenger, or his sexy Mercedes Benz SI55, ladies turn their heads for him, not the car. No matter what this guy drives, women still love him for him.

#6 Soulja Boy

VEHICLE: Chrysler 300


Six Month Premium Payment


Yearly Total


Soulja Boy, seen here with his Chrysler 300, and the mini-truck he’s still saving up for, is well known for his attitude. His vehicle suits his image perfectly, seeming a little gristly and rough, but smooth in all of the right ways.

Whether you can afford these cars or not, at least you know what some of your favorite rappers drive, and what they pay for insurance on these high priced vehicles.

Disclaimer: To calculate the car insurance rates we assumed each driver had a perfect driving record, and was a male over the age of 25. While the estimates were drafted up by a licensed insurance agent, please do not take these quotes and use them as proof elsewhere. Insurance rates on cars are subject to change without notice due to the many variables each companies to come up with your insurance rate.

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Anonymous said...
November 29, 2010 at 8:23 PM

I pay 360 a month. 4300 a year. In case youre wondering.

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