October 11, 2010

10 Future Concept Of Solar Powered Cars

Solar Powered Cars traditionally are defined as cars which run on energy from the sun. Future concept solar powered cars are being designed to be more efficient and to achieve maximum performance.
Solar-powered cars all get their fuel from the Sun. The cars use hundreds of photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. Each cell produces about one-half volt of electricity. The Sun’s energy powers the car’s motor and charges a battery for use when the Sun is hidden by a cloud. This post features some cool concept cars that you can see on roads in near future (if companies adapt these designs).

#1. VW VAN shows a cube running on solar-power.


#2. EVE car generates electricity from friction and solar panels.

EVE car

#3. Seat Birsa solar-powered sports car for two.

Seat Birsa

#4. Felidae provides comfortable solar-powered hauling.


#5. Helios solar-powered car can also power your house.

Helios solar-powered car

#6. Formula Zero by Mercedes shows the future of motor-sports.

Formula Zero by Mercedes

#7. Solar-powered car with very cool design.

Solar-powered car

#8. Peugeot OMNI gets solar panels and “Omni-wheels”.

Peugeot OMNI

#9. Shoo a solar-powered wonder on wheels.


#10. Volvo’s solar-powered car for 2015 Dakar Rally.

Volvo’s solar-powered car


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