September 6, 2010

Cool Summer Gadgets

Summer is here and we are all hoping for those three months of sun and fun. As you’re dragging out tiki torches and festooning your patio with umbrellas and lawn chairs, here are some cool gadgets that can add flair to anyone’s summer.

#1. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are essential in this hot summer. And if they come with MP3 playing capability – they become a must have. You can also connect your mobile phone via its bluetooth technology. What else do you want?

#2. Video Goggles

Video Goggles

Maybe video goggles? Connect them to your iPod, dip yourself in cocoa butter, lie back, and watch a show, enjoying the illusion of viewing it on a good-sized TV screen. Eyewear includes earbuds, and the battery pack’s good for up to eight hours, Myvu says–and doubles as an iPod protective case. Playback controls are in the connector cable, and AC and car chargers are included.

#.3. Swimmer’s MP3 Player

Swimmer’s MP3 Player

How do you get high-quality audio underwater? It’s obvious. This little MP3 player can play song even when you are swimming to enjoy the summer.

#4. Waterproof Bags

Waterproof Bags

Want to take your camcorder, music player or phone to the beach, but worried about leaving it unguarded when you go for a dip? If so, buy an waterproof bag that you can sling around your neck or waist, or wear on your arm, so you can take your gadgets with you. There’s a variety of bags to choose from, suitable for everything from digital cameras to iPods, and even SLR cameras, enabling you can take shots up to 5m underwater. The bags are ideal for camping holidays or music festivals, when inclement weather can spell doom for gadgets.

#5. Solar UV Monitor

Solar UV Monitor

The gadget even takes into consideration changes in UV intensity. A countdown timer adds another level of protection. A Velcro strap keeps the UV monitor attached. And it’s solar!

#6. USB Powered Fridge

USB Powered Fridge

If your idea of a vacation is taking your laptop to the beach, then this is the perfect accessory. USB Mini Fridge plugs into USB power and cools one can of your favorite beverage. And because no fridge is complete without a light that comes on when you open the door, it has an internal LED.

#7. Solar Grill

Solar Grill

Slap some garden burgers and skewers of vegetables on this sun-driven oven set-up and skip the lung-irritating charcoal. We’ve mentioned the solar cooker before, and as long as you don’t mind looking like you’re trying call in alien spacecrafts as you cook, this is a great way to get your grill on.

#8. Solar Bag

Solar Bag

This beach tote has solar panels to recharge your mobile devices while you catch some rays of your own. Just plug your phone, camera, iPod, or GPS into the bag’s adapter, and the 52 waterproof micro solar cells will continue to charge your stuff as long as the bag is exposed to sunlight. The solar panel pops off for cleaning, and the bag itself is made from recycled PET products. Cool isn’t it?

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