August 12, 2010

The Strangest Vehicles In The World

Normal vehicles are not for everyone. Thankfully, people take what was once a normal creation and turn it into a one of a kind set of wheels. Here is a collection of the world’s most unique vehicles, guaranteed to cause maximum rubbernecking. Enjoy.

#1. Ford truck

Ford truck

Let's start off with this Ford truck, a very unusual passenger vehicle, as, unlike other colective means of transportation, it was not concieved to circulate a road or a landing board. For years, it was used to transport passengers from the airplane to the airport in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. Nowadays, it is part of a collection at the Lucerne Museum of Transports.

#2. T-Rex tricycle

T-Rex tricycle

In spite of its futuristic look, and of looking like a concept car, the T-Rex has been in production for over ten years. It's actually a tricycle and a creation by Campagna Corporation, in Quebec, Canada. [Read More]

#3. Surface Orbiter

Surface Orbiter
"New Yorker Rick Dobbertin built the amphibious Surface Orbiter out of a milk truck in order to cross the world via land and sea. It took him 4 years, $175,000 and 14,000 man hours to complete."

#4. Bigfoot: World's Biggest Monster Truck

Bigfoot: World's Biggest Monster Truck
Bigfoot 5 is the world's biggest and heaviest monster truck. It has a 1996 Ford F250 pickup body with a 460 cu inch V8 for power. Bigfoot 5 weighs 28,000 lbs and stands 15 feet 6 inches tall. The enormous tires are from an alaskan land train, a vehicle used by the US army in the 1950's.

#5. Mattrack Truck: the skiing car

Mattrack Truck: the skiing car
This is a standard truck where the wheels have been replaced by mattrack belts. The company -Mattrack- can apparently do this to any kind of 4×4 vehicle – from ATVs to 20 ton trucks. The short belts allow the Mattrack Truck to drive almost anywhere unless the snow gets to deep. If the snow gets to deep, longer belts are required. The short belts also make Mattrack Truck able to cross small creavasses, while larger creavasses require longer belts.

#6. World's Longest Limousine

World's Longest Limousine
World's Longest Limousine
This fancy limousine is actually the longest limousine in the world. Total length is 100 feet (more than 30 meters). It has 26 tires, room for a lot of passengers, a heated Jacuzzi, sun deck, swimming pool, a few beds and… a helipad!

#7. Batmobiles


I don’t know if you have seen the movie ‘Batmobile begins’ or not but I am pretty sure that you must have heard of the Batmobile. The movie makers used 8 different models of the Batmobiles with four of them having the exceptionally swift speeds. The Batmobiles were power-driven by 340 horsepower GM 350 V8’s getting the vehicle to 0-60 in just 5.3 seconds with a theoretical top speed of 220 miles per hour. Read more about Batman's Motorcycle

#8. Tank Chair

Tank Chair

Tank chair is a Custom off-road wheelchair that can go anywhere outdoors. Conquers Streams, Mud, Snow, Sand, and Gravel, allowing you to get back to nature, and can also climb up and down stairs.

#9. Mini XXL Stretch Limo

This six meter long Mini Cooper S limo called the Mini XXL has taken opulence to new heights with an integrated whirlpool into the rear section of the car. With a seating capacity for two, the Mini XXL boasts a retractable flat screen TV, a DVD player, CD and radio, air conditioning, full black leather and a telephone in the rear.

Mini XXL Stretch Limo

The fantasy cooper has been designed by a specialist coach builder in Los Angeles. How about having a bath on the ride? Sounds cool!

Mini XXL Stretch Limo

#10. The Camera Van

The Camera Van

Harrod Blank had a dream in which he covered his car with cameras, then drove around town to take pictures of people on the streets. Two years later, with help of his friends, Harrod completed the Camera Van (complete with working cameras!)

#11. Jet Powered Beetle

Jet Powered Beetle

This monster is powered by two engines (original up front, jet in back) and is perfectly street legal since you’re only using the gasoline powered engine in normal driving conditions. But if you’re feeling adventurous, fire up the jet engine – which spins up to 26,000 rpm/13,000 rpm idle

#12. High Heel Shoe Car

High Heel Shoe Car

It would be safe to call it my dream machine. I’m not exactly sure if it’s a bike or a race-car (the drag-race variety) but certainly it is one cool set of wheels. The exterior is crafted to look like a sexy red pump that would make men melt. The interiors, done in all black, carry a hint of black suede or even velvet (not sure about this one either) on the seat cover.

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