August 29, 2010

5 Motorcycle covered in Gold, Diamonds and Crystals

You might have come across many pimped up motorcycle so far, but here is a list of motorcycle that are gold plated and adorned with crystals that adds more to elegance, style and luxury. These motorcycle woefully may be for the affluent few, nevertheless join us to check out gold plated motorcycle that will you leave you spellbind.

#1. Mikael Lugnegard’s ‘Golden Motorcycle’
Mikael Lugnegard’s ‘Golden Motorcycle’
This Golden Motorcycle is to roll you around with power and luxury. Dubbed as Seraphim, this motorcycle from the Swedish designer, Mikael Lugnegar, has solid gold parts. Although the entire motorcycle is not covered in gold, yet it has golden spoke design and front forks, elegant body, saddle-shaped seat, the golden engine and gears.

#2. Gold-Plated Kawasaki Motorcycle
Gold-Plated Kawasaki Motorcycle
The attention-getter shown here is a 24K gold-plated Kawasaki ZX-636 which was created by Two Brothers Racing and presented to racer James “Bubba” Stewart at the Anaheim One Supercross. The bike isn’t meant to be a racing one, it’s more for fun.

#3. The Golden Jawa
The Golden Jawa
This Golden motorcycle is dubbed ‘The Golden Jawa’ and is worth its weight in gold. Unveiled in New Plymouth in 2004, the gold-plated Jawa 500 speedway bike is the treasure of Ivan Mauger, New Zealand.

#4. Gold MV Agusta F4 - King Midas
Gold MV Agusta F4 - King Midas
The moment people saw wraps going off to this 24 carat gold plated bike, it did blind many at 2008 International Fair of Luxury. Though the F4 was originally created by famous motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini, this blinged version was developed in collaboration with Aurum, a Venetian company that is leader in precious metal processing.

#5. Gold-plated custom chopper
Gold-plated custom chopper
Exhibited at an International Motocycle show in Seattle, this ornamented two- wheeler is more a piece of art than an actual vehicle. And if you are interested to know how much it costs, well, it has a whopping price tag of $5000,000.

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